Monday, March 29, 2010

Congressman Dan Lipinski put principle above party

Perhaps the only bright spot in the ongoing health care reform debacle is the fact that my congressman, Dan Lipinski, was one of 34 Democrats to vote against the bill, and the only Illinois Democrat to do so.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass interviewed Rep. Lipinski for today's paper. Some excerpts:
..."It was rather lonely, yes," Lipinski said of voting against President Barack Obama's federalized health care agenda. "But I could not vote for a bill that would change the status quo on funding for abortion."

By voting "no," Lipinski has put a target on his back for smears from the White House staffed by the guys from Chicago.

"There were aspects of the president's package that I liked. Helping people get insurance, that sort of thing. But we weren't really voting for health reform. We were voting for a bill that is financially unsustainable. And I couldn't support that bill," he said.

As a Roman Catholic against abortion, he's formally a pariah among most Democratic elites. And predictably, he's been attacked by unnamed White House sources in media reports...


..."People have asked me, ‘If it was good enough for Stupak, why wasn't it good enough for you?'" Lipinski said. "The executive order most likely will be overturned by the federal courts. The order does not trump the law"...


..."It's not just about being against something, it's believing that every individual deserves dignity and respect, whoever they are, at whatever stage of life they're in," Lipinski said. "That is something I hear my Democratic colleagues say. And I say that it's self-evident that the individual is there at conception."

Lipinski has degrees in mechanical engineering, economic systems, and political science. He's not a biologist.

"We know that at conception, the genetic code is there, for a unique individual. This is not something that is just a religious belief," Lipinski said. "If you look at what we know about reproduction, you can see it"...

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