Thursday, May 6, 2010

Overpopulation is a Myth - Video 3 (plus videos 1 & 2)

The latest in the series:


Here is a reprint of my February 19 post which includes videos 1 & 2:

The Population Research Institute has released a second video examining popular misconceptions about global population.

While most people believe overpopulation is a global threat, the reality is just the opposite. Below-replacement birth-rates in many parts of the world are the real threat to global prosperity and stability.

One thought comes to mind: Here in the US, the biggest threat to our future prosperity is the looming Medicare & Social Security crisis due to the impending retirement of the massive baby boom generation. There simply will not be enough younger workers paying payroll taxes to keep the system solvent.

One cannot help but think we might be in a much better position to handle the situation if the 50 million babies aborted in the US over the last 30+ years had been allowed to be born, grow up, get jobs, and pay taxes.


Here is the first video in the series for those who have not yet seen it:

These videos were produced by the Population Research Institute. The companion website for the videos is found here.

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