Thursday, July 29, 2010

National Natural Family Planning Awareness Week: July 25-31, 2010

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has designated this week as National Natural Family Planning Awareness week.

An excellent summary of the benefits of Natural Family Planning can be found here.

-- Key Church documents on human sexuality, marriage, and family life

-- Links to other helpful resources:

The Couple-to-Couple-League is an excellent organization that provides NFP resources, classes, and educational materials. They have affiliated local teaching couples throughout the country.

Contraception, Why Not by Dr. Janet Smith is the most persuasive presentation of the Church's teaching on artificial contraception I have come across. The first time I heard it, it really blew away any reservations or misunderstandings I had about the issue. Contraception, Why Not? is available here in CD, DVD, and MP-3 formats. I highly recommend it.

One More Soul is another excellent organization that has a variety of resources related to natural planning including and invaluable on-line directory of NFP only physicians.

My blog post, Why the Catholic Church Opposes Contraception, be found HERE.

An excellent (and short) explanation of the Church's teaching on contraception can be found HERE.

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