Saturday, April 7, 2012

Catholics Come Home

The apostolate Catholics Come Home is devoted to helping bring fallen away Catholics and others "home" to the Church.

Here is their outstanding short video on the role and legacy of the Catholic Church:

If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith, you can click HERE. 

FREE BOOK:  If you would like to reintroduce yourself to Catholicism, the folks at are offering Matthew Kelly's wonderful book, Rediscover Catholicism:  A Spiritual Guide to Living With Passion & Purpose, for free.  To get the book, just click  HERE.


Note:  Fr. Barron's recently released documentary, Catholicism, may also be of interest.  The film was very well-received and explores in a heartfelt way the many wonderful facets of Catholicism.  A short video trailer of the documentary can be viewed below:

An extended video preview of the film can be found HERE.

Fr. Barron's multimedia ministry and website can be found HERE.


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