Monday, January 14, 2013

Video: March for Life - 2013

Here is a powerful video marking the 2013 March for Life which will take place on January 25th.

The video is narrated by none other than President Barack Obama.

What, you say?  Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion President in US History?  

Yes.  That Barack Obama.

And what an effective video it is!



  1. How wonderful to see so many young men and women out their supporting the pro life cause. I pray the President continues to reflect on how he can save "just one life"

  2. There is one simple fact that The vast majority of Americans are pro choice, NOT pro-life. Democracy means everyone gets to live their own beliefs and no one has the right to impose their own beliefs on anyone else. THAT is democracy, which you folks think is YOUR right only. Self-serving hypocracy that any TRUE and historically {factually} educated American can not espouse without violating the constitution. Pro~life people think their religious ideas are the ONLY way. That is exactly what everyone believes because everyone is different and has their own relationship with their own universe.Democracy means individual freedom to live as you wish... as long as you do not harm anyone else. Mind your own business and clean up your own act. Judgement belongs to the GOD you claim to love so much..."Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord". And shootiong abortion providers is against GOD's word too or have you managed to forget the ten commandments? STOP trying to force Government deeper into our personal lives. If you want a theocracy you need to go to the middle east and live under sharia... what you are trying to do is the same as bringing sharia here and trying to force it on people.... you can't even see what you are really doing to this nation and it's people. I'd feel sorry for you if you weren't so actively engaged in wrecking other people's lives. You are the American Taliban and can't even see it. You love to trample on other people's beliefs while screeching that someone is doing the same to you because they want you to mind your own private affairs instead of theirs. I never heard of any health providers murdering any of you fools. That is YOUR way of worshipping GOD- by destroying his other children?

    1. Your starting premise is false.

      According to Gallup, 46% of women identify as pro-life versus 44% who identify as pro-choice.

    2. Morality is not determined by popular vote. Slavery was once popular as well. And I am sure that slave-owners also opposed the government getting "deeper" into their lives as well.

      You note, "Democracy means individual freedom to live as you wish... as long as you do not harm anyone else." However, this quote does not apply here. There is someone who IS HARMED by abortion, namely, the unborn baby whose life is terminated.

      By your comment, you oppose government laws, because they impose morality on people and place restrictions on the ability of people to live their beliefs. Yet, a nation without laws would be land of anarchy.

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