Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book review: "Abandoned" by Monica Migliorino Miller

This morning, I finished reading "Abandoned," Monica Migliorino Miller's autobiographical account of her many years on the front-lines of the pro-life movement. 

What an emotional, sobering, yet also inspiring read!

An amazing book. I highly recommend it.

Details HERE.

From the publisher, St Benedict Press:
In the Trenches of the Abortion Battle

Every day, thousands of children—fragile, innocent, alone—are abandoned. They are brutally snuffed from the world and literally left in the trash . . . and it's all legal. Abandoned: The Untold Stories of the Abortion Wars is the story of those children abandoned by abortion, and it is the story of their courageous defenders.

Since 1976, Monica Miller has made it her life's work to defend the unborn: she has counseled pregnant women outside abortion clinics and organized pro-life groups and sit-ins at many of those same clinics. She has blocked abortionists cars, been arrested, and gone to jail. And she has pulled the bodies of thousands of unborn babies out of dumpsters and given them a proper burial.

Abandoned: The Untold Stories of the Abortion Wars is the profound, breathtaking, and often daring journey of one woman, but it is much more than that. It is a history of the Pro-Life movement since Roe vs. Wade, a suspenseful, true-life tale of life and death, an insightful look into the unique and terrible horror of abortion, and a plea for the protection of the most helpless and innocent members of the human family.


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